Prong Collar

Leerburg Chrome Prong Collars
$10.25 - $14.30

Extra Links
Set of 3

$4.00 - $4.75

Product Description

Prong collars are intended to limit the dog from pulling while out on walks. These prong collars will pinch around the neck of the dog at all pressure points. After attempting to pull a few times, dogs will quickly learn that it's better to be patient with their owner.

This is a prong collar that was not properly sized for the dog. The collar is too loose and riding too far down on the dog's neck. It should be up where yellow line is.

To remove or add links, you need to pinch the links on both sides so that the link can connect/be removed.

There is always a possibility for the prong collar to fall apart. We recommend a back-up collar that you can hook onto your leash so that your dog doesn't run free in a high-distraction environment.