Leather Leashes

Width of Leash Options
3/4-inch wide

$31.00 - $47.00
1/2-inch wide


Product Description

These are the finest leather dog leashes that you'll ever find. Made of Latigo leather, the quality is rarely found in any pet store.

The snaps are made of highest quality Italian bronze. These snaps are sewn and pop-riveted to ensure the highest security available. This is important in almost every situation as a broken leash could result in a disaster.

You should always look at the snap when you are purchasing a leash. The snap needs to be made of the finest construction possible. A snap that fails can result in a loose dog that could cause a variety of problems:

Remember, snaps don't break while they are hanging off the dog's neck. They will break when the dog is straining into the leash, trying to get something or go somewhere.

Make sure you check how the snap is attached to the leash also. If the leash is wide enough, the snaps should be sewn and pop-riveted like ours.