About Us is a part of Leerburg, the biggest site for information pertaining to dog training. Leerburg has over 16,000 webpages, 2400 answered questions in their Q&A database, and hundreds of high quality products personally tested and used by Ed Frawley himself.

The articles written on this site are written by Ed Frawley, a dog professional who has been training for over 45 years. His work spreads across various fields, years of experience in each. Ed Frawley has trained dogs for Schutzhund, personal protection, search and rescue, and so much more.

Ed Frawley has bred over 350 litters of dogs. Leerburg dogs are known to be the best German-line German Shepherds in the United States today. While the kennels at Leerburg are no longer in use, Ed Frawley still strives to bring the best products for dog trainers and pet owners alike. Additionally, Ed Frawley continues to create quality DVDs with Michael Ellis for various training techniques.

Having a passion for dog training since he was 16 years old, Ed Frawley hopes to bring the best quality information out there for new and old dog owners. Many of the problems that come up in our dogs today usually are sourced from the owner (or in some cases, previous owner). Many people want to solve these issues by killing the dog when in all actuality, there is another solution.

The solution lies in the dog owner's lifestyle.